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About Texas Worm Farm - red wigglers for sale

Texas Worm Farm is located in Central Texas just outside Austin in Georgetown.  All our worms are raised in a rich, dark compost that we make ourselves.  We have a landscape maintenance business, Greener Image, that generates lots of leaves and grass clippings which we use to make our homemade compost.  We strive to do our part and compost all our waste instead of adding more to the landfills.  We also use this compost to topdress turf on the properties we maintain. We sell European and African night crawlers and red worms (red wigglers).  All have a voracious appetite which makes them great composters and they stay lively on a hook in the water which makes them great fishing worms.  
With all these worms comes a wonderful byproduct.  As the worms eat the compost it is digested and excreted in a rich, natural product called castings.  We screen all our compost at the end of a cycle several times.

We recently expanded our operations and partnered up with a friend in Georgia who is helping us fill orders.  We started small so we named ourself Texas Worm Farm but over the last 10 years we have grown so much we needed to expand our operations to fill orders.  Do not be alarmed if your package is shipped from Georgia!  My friend in Georgia and I now work hand in hand to make sure you get the best worms!  We raise, feed, screen, clean, weigh, package and ship our worms following the same procedures to insure that no matter which of us ships your worms you will receive the same quantity and quality that you have come to expect!  

We look forward to serving you as we continue to grow and expand!!


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